Finalto to provide liquidity through Your Bourse


Finalto, a company that provides institutional trading and liquidity services, is partnering with Your Bourse, a provider of MT4/MT5 broker solutions.


Under the agreement, Finalto will offer its liquidity directly to clients of Your Bourse by using FIX Sessions from Your Bourse PaaS.

The main product of Your Bourse is their Matching Engine, which is at the core of their offerings. By connecting through Your Bourse, Finalto’s clients can enjoy extremely fast execution, with each order taking under two microseconds. Additionally, Your Bourse makes it quick and easy to issue and set up the FIX session in just a few minutes.

Clients can connect to Finalto using the YB FIX API Server. Alternatively, clients can also connect their MT4 or MT5 directly using the YB MT4 Bridge or MT5 Gateway.

As part of this partnership, Finalto will distribute its institutional liquidity directly to Your Bourse clients through the Your Bourse Platform. Clients will have easy access to Finalto’s liquidity, which will be fully integrated within the platform.

UK B2B CEO at Finalto, Paul Groves, said:

We have known the Your Bourse team for many years and seen the company grow and establish itself in a very competitive market. Finalto is always willing to work with partners who share the same beliefs in customer service, stable technology and fair pricing. We see the relationship with Your Bourse as important to our future plans and look forward in working together for years to come.

co-CEO and CRO of Your Bourse, Elina Pedersen, said:

It is a huge advancement for both companies showcasing our unwavering pursuit of excellence and dedication to delivering distinctive services within the financial industry. I have worked with Finalto in the past as a client myself for many years, and it’s a true privilege for Finalto to become a client of ours. Finalto has always been one of the first choices for Your Bourse clients, and I am sure that the relationship will continue growing now that Finalto has become one of the Your Bourses clients and preferred partners.

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