Worldpay from FIS introduces Revenue Boost


Global financial technology company Worldpay from FIS has introduced a new solution called Revenue Boost.


This ready-to-use solution utilizes machine learning to help businesses handle more transactions conducted without the physical presence of a card, while reducing the expenses and potential dangers associated with accepting payments.

Merchants are facing challenges in keeping up with changes in payment networks, options, and preferences. This is leading to more failed and retried transactions, which are costly. In order to help merchants approve valid payments and reduce costs, Worldpay has created Revenue Boost, a solution that optimizes payment processes.

The turnkey solution is designed to help merchants increase their sales and save money by preventing fraud. It combines Worldpay’s payment data and machine learning technology to achieve optimal performance. By working with Worldpay’s payment experts, merchants can tailor the solution to their specific needs, boosting revenue from online sales and creating new opportunities for growth.

Head of Global Enterprise, Worldpay from FIS, Gabriel de Montessus, said:

It’s time to rethink the narrative on payments – they are a strategic lever that can accelerate growth for ambitious merchants. Worldpay’s solution combines our extensive payment expertise with the scale of our payments data to help optimize how merchants take payments. By lowering costs and lifting approval rates we can unlock the true value of payments for our customers. We’ve already seen success for some of the world’s biggest brands and we look forward to working with more to fuel their commerce globally.

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