Dutch Regulator Hits Janus Henderson with €1.7M Fine

The Dutch Financial Markets Authority has fined Janus Henderson Group plc 1.7 million euros.


Janus Henderson was fined because they reported to the AFM too late that they owned 3.02% of Renewi, a company listed on Euronext Amsterdam.

When investors gain or lose shares or voting rights in a listed company, and their shareholding reaches a certain level (from 3% to 95% of the company’s issued share capital), they must immediately inform the AFM. This information is then included in the public register of shareholdings and short positions.

Janus Henderson failed to meet the obligation to inform the AFM about their increase of shares in Renewi on 27 January 2021, when they held 3.02% of the issued share capital. This notification was only made on 30 July 2021. The AFM had previously warned Janus Henderson three times about late notifications. As a result, Janus Henderson has been given an administrative fine.

Janus Henderson agreed to pay a penalty of €1,700,000 after the AFM found it guilty of not meeting the required notification obligations. This amount was reduced by 15% from the original fine of €2,000,000, and the AFM published a shortened version of the fining decision. Janus Henderson fully cooperated with the AFM’s investigation throughout the process.

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