CFI Releases Podcast with Mustafa Al Agha


CFI Financial, a prominent multi-asset broker, has started a podcast series called “Khubara Al Najah” which means “Success Stories” in English. This podcast will discuss business-related topics.


Khubara Al Najah invites influential people from the Arab world to talk about their journey to success, reflecting on both their successes and failures, and sharing how their habits contributed to their financial stability.

Mustafa Al-Agha and Ahmad Khatib, both part of the CFI board and accomplished professionals, host a twelve-episode podcast series. Their guests include influential figures, such as His Excellency Fahad Al Gergawi from the Dubai Investment Development Agency. The hosts engage him in conversation about the fundamentals of investing in the first episode.

Ahmad Khatib said:

We are extremely proud to have built this podcast from scratch. We are a financial company that always aims to empower our clients, so the aim of Khubarah Al Najah is to highlight some of the biggest success stories from the Arab world and provide viewers with inspiration, motivation, and a positive mindset to succeed financially.

On Youtube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify, there are 12 episodes that will teach you about investing, entrepreneurship, money, technology, and putting your resources into yourself.

If you want tips and motivation to achieve your financial objectives, listen to Khubara Al Najah podcast.

Co-Founder and Managing Director at CFI Financial, Hisham Mansour, said:

One of our main goals as a company is to provide knowledge and assistance to people engaged in financial markets or those aspiring to become investors. Recognizing the intellectual inclination of our target audience, we are committed to selecting the most effective platforms to deliver our message of empowerment. That’s why we chose the podcast medium to pique the interest of astute individuals. Our primary aim is to provide them with practical and actionable value, enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve their financial goals.

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