Shareholders Approve FG Acquisition by ThinkMarkets


At a virtual special meeting of shareholders held on June 29, 2023, all resolutions proposed by TSE:FGAA.U, a special purpose acquisition company, were approved. The resolution related to merging with a Retail FX and CFDs broker, ThinkMarkets.


The gathering was related to the firm’s planned purchase of Think Financial Group Holdings Limited. The parent business based in Australia that manages ThinkMarkets.

The corporation announced that 88.9% and 87.2% of those present at the meeting voted to pass two resolutions. The first resolution is to change the company’s Notice of Articles. And Articles of Corporation to convert Class B shares into common shares upon completion of a Qualifying Acquisition. The second resolution is to allow the board of directors to create an incentive plan. The passing of both resolutions is dependent on the completion of the merger between FG Acquisition and ThinkMarkets.

The meeting of the corporation approved a resolution to change the date by which it has to complete a qualifying acquisition from July 5, 2023 to July 5, 2024. This resolution was approved by the votes of 97.3% of the shareholders who held the Class A restricted voting shares of the corporation.

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